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MODEL RJO70 - Wall Mount Direct Drive Ultra Quiet Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup

Product Highlights:

  • Space saving: the wall mount garage opener mounts discreetly on the wall next to the garage door, this increases the functional room in the garage for extra storage space, light fixtures, ceiling fans and more, maximize your space and gain convenient security and control with the residential wall-mount garage door opener

  • Ultra-quiet: a unique wall-mounting system eliminates vibrations through the ceiling for nearly silent operation

  • Smartphone control: the opener has built-in wi-fi connectivity powered by myQ technology, the myQ app includes core features that allow you to control your garage door, get status notifications and set schedules from anywhere, set up customized, real-time alerts so you know when your garage door opens or closes, no additional hardware is required for smartphone control

  • Battery backup: when your power goes out, you will still be able to get in and out of the garage

  • Simply secure: the included automatic garage door lock deadbolt locks your door every time it closes so you always know that your home is protected, integrated myQ technology enables smartphone monitoring and control, proprietary full encryption technology security + 2.0, prevents hacking and provides peace of mind and in addition, battery backup ensures you can get in when the power is out

  • Light: remote LED light illuminates your garage with 1,500 Lumens of light

  • Additional assurances: lifetime motor warranty, 5-year parts warranty and online product videos to ensure smooth setup

  • About Chamberlain: the largest and most dependable garage door opener manufacturer in North America

  • For residential use only on sectional garage doors: standard sectional door up to 14 ft. H, sectional high-lift door (up to 54 in. of high lift), doors up to 18 ft. W, and sectional doors with torsion assemblies only

  • California residents see prop 65 warnings

The Chamberlain RJO70 Wall Mount Garage Opener features a space-saving, wall-mount design to maximize your garages potential as a versatile living space. The ultra-quiet opener is nearly silent; virtually eliminating noise and vibration transfer throughout the house. RJO70 comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity powered by my technology that lets you monitor and control your garage door from your smartphone through the myQ App. Battery Backup ensures you can get in and out during an outage. The opener comes with top accessories such as the Automatic Garage Door Lock, which deadbolts the garage door every time it closes a Remote LED light, which delivers 1,500 Lumens of light. Our proprietary full-encryption technology, Security+2.0, prevents hacking and provides peace of mind that your garage is secure.

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